A new look is just the beginning

Today, we’re announcing a big upgrade to the look and feel of the Kids Calendar. A new logo and branding!

All summer, I’ve been working with a talented team of college interns to propel the Kids Calendar forward. One of my design interns, Melinda Draut, said she was particularly interested in branding. How lucky for me! I’ve been wanting to improve our logo for a long time.

And with a new web app in the works, a Kickstarter campaign about to launch, and plans to expand to new cities in the next few months, there was no better time to revamp the logo and look of our product.

Here’s an announcement video to give you a taste:

I love the new logo for several reasons.

First, I think the colors are bright and fun, without being childish. Often, I see websites geared toward parents taking on a cutesy, immature design. While the Kids Calendar showcases fun activities for kids, it’s designed to help adults!

Also, as Melinda and I discussed imagery for the logo, I remembered how often I have relied on images of maps when creating designs for the Kids Calendar. One year, I even hand-painted a watercolor drawing of Lawrence for an activity at our Kids Summer Fun Fair! The map design is a subtle reminder that, while we grow as a company, we will always be focused on serving communities at a local level.

This new logo is just the first of many announcements and improvements we have planned for the coming weeks!

Stay tuned on our Facebook page!

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